Dubrovnik travel guide - Sights, Beaches, Hotels and more information about Dubrovnik Croatia

by Lana Jovic

Hidden in the southernmost part of the Croatian territory, Dubrovnik is a priceless pearl gracing the south shores of the Adriatic Sea. With its breathtaking natural beauties, perfect climate, rich historical heritage, and diverse tourist offer, Dubrovnik is definitely among the most beloved and most regularly visited destinations of the region.

Dubrovnik’s turbulent history, dating all the way back to the ancient times, is filled with exciting adventures, legends and battles against the foreign domination exchanging with periods of prosperity and independence. The ever-changing historical circumstances helped forming the specific mentality and culture, as well as the beautifully preserved city architecture.

The best way to enjoy the many sights of Dubrovnik is by foot. You can soak up the romantic atmosphere of the narrow streets covered in stone, admire the beauty of countless monuments and explore the city’s rich gastronomic offer. Make sure to take a stroll down the most famous city street, Stradun, admiring numerous sights and monuments along the way. Make a stop at some of the beautiful churches such as the Cathedral or the Church of St. Blaise. You will be left breathless with the harmonious beauty of the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance buildings such as the Rector’s Palace, Franciscan Monastery or the famous Sponza Palace. You can visit some of the numerous city museums, galleries and souvenir shops.

Dubrovnik was selected as a filming location for the American TV Series 'Games of Thrones'. The phenomenal success of the series in many countries around the world has stimulated the interest of many viewers to learn more about the city of Dubrovnik and why not, plan a visit. This is why Viator, the worldwide leader site for booking travel activities, has launched a 'Game of Thrones' Walking Tour in two European cities, Dubrovnik and Belfast. These tours can be exclusively booked from Viator and you can learn more at Viator site about the Dubrovnik 'Game of Thrones' Walking Tour by clicking here.

Once you get tired of sightseeing, you can seek out refreshment in crystal clear, blue sea on one of several beautiful beaches around the wider city area. You can choose how to spend your day near the sea according to your preferences; there are sandy, rocky or pebble beaches with countless options for leisure and recreation. The mild Mediterranean climate provides the perfect weather throughout the tourist season; with the ideal sea temperatures and warm sunny days making Dubrovnik the ideal summer destination.

Dubrovnik doesn’t lose any of its vividness by night. There are numerous restaurants, concert venues, nightclubs and cocktail bars to choose from. If you are in the mood for a more relaxed night out, there is a rich offer of restaurants, ranging from fast food to fine dining venues. It is highly recommended to try some of the Dubrovnik signature dishes, such as green menestra, Dubrovnik Rozata, kotonjata or black risotto along with a glass (or a few) filled with some of the quality wines from the local vineyards. If you are seeking for more dynamic night time fun, there are several nightclubs, dancing venues and cocktail bars; all in close proximity to the city centre.

Whether you wish to explore the Dubrovnik surroundings or to simply take a break from the dynamic city crowd, you can visit some of the lovely islands scattered along the Dubrovnik Archipelago or enjoy in the peaceful beauty of numerous fishing settlements in close proximity to Dubrovnik. We recommend to explore the unseen natural wonders of Mljet, to enjoy the intact beaches of the Elaphiti Islands and to pass through Cavtat, Mlini, Zaton and Molunat to admire their historical monuments and try some of the unique Mediterranean dishes served in the local restaurants.

If you think this little paradise, hidden at the coasts of the protected bay forming the Adriatic Sea, will be difficult to reach, you couldn't be more wrong. You can arrive to Dubrovnik in every way you choose; whether it’s by plane, by car or navigating your own boat. Airline carriers from all over the world provide flights to and from Dubrovnik, and the city’s two harbors are capable of receiving all kinds of vessels, including mega-yachts and cruisers.

No matter how you arrive, where you stay or how you choose to spend your time in Dubrovnik, one is sure: once you open your heart to Dubrovnik, it stays there forever.

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